AFDO Retail Webinar Series: Food Service Risk-Factor Violation Trends


Wonder what’s happening with risk factor violations across the country? EcoSure Health Department Intelligence has collected public health department inspection data for more than 1.75 million facilities encompassing 2300 or 82% of the total jurisdictions in the US and Canada and analyzed the data. Learn about what we can do to improve food service safety […]

AFDO Retail Webinar Series: Norovirus: Just-In Time Refresher for Retail Food Industry and Regulators


Winter is coming, and that means norovirus associated with retail food establishments. This webinar will include the following: 101 about norovirus and why it is often associated with retail food establishment outbreaks; Prevention strategies for norovirus; and Best practices in norovirus investigation. Presenters include: Dr. Laura Brown, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Aron […]