Model Hazardous Materials Regulation and Inspection Training Toolkit for Local Health Departments

Resource Materials Rationale for Implementation of a Local Hazardous Materials Regulation Model Hazardous Materials Regulation Hazardous Materials Permit Application – including Plan Review Checklist Hazardous Materials Permit Application – completed […]

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How to Take the MA REHS/RS Exam

Option 1: Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure’s Board of Registration of Sanitarians. Applications for the RS are available from the Professional Credential Services, Inc. (PCS). This website also provides the […]

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Food Allergy Training Video

Disclaimer. The Massachusetts Environmental Health Association (MEHA) provides this three part video as a service to our members and visitors. MEHA does not provide a training certificate after viewing the […]

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Generator Use and Carbon Monoxide

CO from a generator is deadly and can kill you in minutes. One generator produces as much CO as hundreds of cars. It can incapacitate and kill consumers within minutes. […]

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Don’t Mess with Mercury

Mercury is a metal found naturally in the environment. It comes is a few forms. Elemental (metallic) mercury is the shiny, silver-gray metal found in thermometers, barometers, thermostats, and other […]

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Food Safety during Power Outages

Weather emergencies can happen. When they do, the best strategy is to already have a plan in place. This includes knowing the proper food safety precautions to take if the […]

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