One-Year Membership

The purpose of MEHA is to advance the Environmental Health professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all.

MEHA membership is open to Environmental Health professionals in Government, Academia and Private industry. We hold regular meetings for the general membership that updates skills and provides timely information environmental health issues.

There are three categories of membership:

  1. General membership to MEHA and NEHA, 0pen to all persons working as an Environmental Health Professional in Public, Academic and private agencies includes membership in NEHA
  2. Retired membership may be conferred upon application by the Executive Board to any member of the association who is retired or retiring and has been a member of the association for at least five years.
  3. Student membership open to students pursuing a degree in environmental/public Health and has an interest in the Association.
    Membership in MEHA is subject to confirmation by the Executive Board and payment of dues.

If you are interested in joining MEHA, fill out the application below. New members receive their first year of membership free. You can also submit a paper membership application.

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